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Explorations of Form

Experimentation is a key aspect of Fiona's sculptural work, both with her use of materials and by understanding the principles of figurative form. The directness of her work modelled in clay and plaster exists in contrast to the more measured pursuit of stone carving - discovering the form within a piece of quarried stone. 

Fiona enjoys transforming her drawings of the human figure into sculptures exploring the relationship between rigid core structure and undulating, changeable outer skin.

"I love to juxtapose textures and combine figurative with abstract. I also focus on defining space around a form and the impact of negative space used within a structure to emphasise detail."

Fiona Peever OGM stone sculpture Eynsham Oxfordshire

Fiona collects small stones and crustacea from the river and shoreline to inspire her creation of larger sculptures. To carve each sculpture she selects pieces of randomly quarried stone, allowing the natural shape to influence the final form. She also explores finding perfectly shaped organic armatures, onto which she further models with clay or plaster.

When working on her series of figurative heads, the Neolithic standing stones in Avebury, Wiltshire, prompted her to carve a large stone female head, exhibited by The National Trust. Fiona is intrigued by ancient symbolism from a diversity of cultures. Her personal experience of deafness has added relevance to her interests in visually communicating allegorical storytelling through sculpture so that her carvings and sculptures often having an underlying narrative.

Fiona Peever hand carved stone face head exploration of form

Visiting The colossi of Memnon, Egypt and viewing Renaissance paintings in Venice inspired her to carve contemporary figurative sculptures for Belingham, Northumberland and Banbury Museum, Oxfordshire.

"My studio surroundings have always influenced my work: from bold city architecture to the flora and fauna of the countryside. Now that I live close to the sea, I'm developing new themes for my work, evocative of the tide and its ongoing relentless clash with the land, its mysteries, folklore and the wildlife of the marshes."

Fiona works to commission and often sculptures are site specific: designed to work well in particular surroundings. She also creates carvings and sculptures for exhibition and sale. Her work is held in many public and private collections and has been exhibited in galleries and garden exhibitions throughout the UK.

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